Bike Hire Kielder by Bike4Health: Hire Terms & Conditions

1.   Introduction

These terms and conditions form part of the agreement made between Bike4Health CIC Ltd trading as Bike Hire Kielder and referred to from herein as Bike Hire Kielder. 

This agreement is hereby agreed as follows; Bike Hire Kielder hire bikes booked online in advance by the hirer, from their premises at The Stone Barn, Kielder Waterside, Falstone, NE48 1BT. 

Completion of a booking acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant. 

2.   Booking

All Bikes must be pre-booked and paid for online via Each bike is individually listed, multiple bikes can be reserved per booking. 

Bike Hire Kielder does not accept cash, and pre-booking is a condition of our insurance. 

2.1. Late Bookings

Some bikes are available to book with up to one hour’s notice. This is subject to availability, and it is recommended that hirer(s) book online with notice to minimise risk of disappointment. Late bookings must be made online as with all other bookings. 

3.   Payment

Payment for the full period of bike hire must be made online during booking. A receipt is immediately emailed for your records. Following this, a confirmation email with further details will be sent within 24 hours. 

3.1. Deposits

A credit card deposit is required on collection of your hire, which will be returned to you on completion of your hire provided all bikes & equipment are returned undamaged and in acceptable condition. Bike Hire Kielder will also ask for photographic ID of which copies will be held for the duration of your hire and then deleted or destroyed. 

4.   Cancellation

Bike Hire Kielder recognises travel plans change and hire may need to be amended. Hire periods can be altered to a future date free of charge up to 1 day (24hrs) before the commencement of your hire period. Bike Hire Kielder reserves the right to charge as per the below cancellation policy to cover administration costs;

Period prior to cancelation


<1 Day (24hr) notice

100% of booking

<2 Days (48hr) notice

50% of booking

>2 Days notice

Cancelation free of charge

Bike Hire Kielder will consider individual cases in extraordinary circumstances. 

Occasionally Bike Hire Kielder may have to amend bookings in the event of adverse weather conditions. This is outlined in full in the ‘Adverse Weather Conditions’ section below. 

5.   Collection

Bikes are to be collected from Bike Hire Kielder, The Stone Barn, Kielder Waterside, Falstone, NE48 1BT. Your collection time will be supplied with your booking confirmation, please adhere to it. Missed collections will be categorised as a late cancellation and no refund will be given.  

6.   Bike(s) & Equipment

Bike Hire Kielder provides high quality hire bikes from our partner brands Scott, Bergamont & Ridley. The bikes are high quality performance bikes and must be operated correctly. Please ensure you ask any questions that you may have during your handover. 

By accepting the bike(s) & equipment the hirer is accepting that the bike(s) & equipment are in good operating condition and will be returned in the same condition, it is the hirers responsibility to check they are happy with the condition of their items within 30 minutes of collecting their bike(s) and equipment. Bike(s) & equipment remain the property of Bike Hire Kielder for the duration of the hire period. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that reasonable protection against damage and theft is taken. 

Bike Hire Kielder carries out regular maintenance on its bike(s) & equipment. Inspection checks are completed before each new hire period. Bike Hire Kielder recommends thoroughly that all hirers satisfy themselves with the condition and operation of their Bike(s) before heading into remote areas with no mobile phone signal. 

6.1. Substitution

Bike Hire Kielder will supply the exact bike that was booked online by the hirer. In exceptional circumstances the booked bike may be unavailable. In which case the bike will be substituted with the nearest possible alternative. 

6.2. Electric Bikes & Battery Care

Electric bikes should not be ridden through water or streams. Water ingress will damage the motor and battery. Diagnostic faults can be diagnosed using Bosch’ diagnostic toolkit and will result in charges to the hirer where they bear responsibility. 

Electric bike batteries must not be run completely flat as this can also damage the componentry. Full instructions on how to use and enjoy your electric bike will be provided on handover. 

For those hiring electric bikes for multiple consecutive days, a charger and instructions will be supplied. 

6.3. Repair Kits

Bikes are supplied with puncture protection systems including tubeless sealant and puncture resistant tyres, in the unlikely event of a puncture, you will have the equipment to make basic repairs. All bikes are supplied with spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump and multi tool. Any items missing when the bike is returned will be replaced at full retail value. The hirer must notify Bike Hire Kielder if any repairs were made or attempted.

7.   Liability

Bike Hire Kielder does not accept any liability for damage or personal injury sustained during the hire period. Cycling can be dangerous if risks are not managed and it is the responsibility of the hirer that they take due care and caution for the duration of their hire period. Bike Hire Kielder strongly recommends that helmets are worn at all times during cycling. All hirers must ride within their skill and competence levels. 

Bike Hire Kielder does not provide any insurance cover or accept any liability to third parties for damage caused to others or their property. It is recommended that appropriate insurance cover is sought from holiday insurance or other domestic insurance policies by the hirer. Bike Hire Kielder recommends that personal identification and insurance documentation is carried during the hire period. 

8.   Accidental Damage

In the case of an accident immediate priority must be given to ensuring the safety of all in your group. In the event of a mechanical issue which is preventing your return to the store immediate contact must be made by telephone and we will endeavour to help. Please note this may not be possible due to local rights of access to vehicles. 

Loss and damage costs will be charged to the hirer. In the case of significant obvious visual damage, a charge of £250 will be made against the hirer’s credit card. Once the full cost for labour and parts has been established, the hirer will receive a refund for the £250 less the full cost of making the repair. Extensive repair work is carried out by the Bike4Health Workshop at retail prices outlined at the following website:

9.    Returning Your Bike(s)

Bikes must be returned to Bike Hire Kielder, The Stone Barn, Kielder Waterside, Falstone, NE48 1BT. They must be returned at the time your hire period ends so that the bike can be checked and returned for the next hirer. Bikes hired for <1 Day (<24Hrs) must be returned prior to 17:30GMT.

Late returns are subject to late charges of £20.00 per hour after return time. 

10.    Civil Responsibility

Hirers are responsible for respecting and always abiding by existing UK Traffic laws when on public highways and relevant byelaws when riding on sanctioned cycle path, shared path, or forestry land. 

Riders should be aware for the hierarchy of road users. Slow down and yield to pedestrians, pedestrians with dogs on leads, and equestrians. Horses can be intimidated by fast moving bicycles and it is the hirer’s responsibility to behave mindfully of other members of the public.  

11.    Personal Safety

Kielder Water and Forest is a unique environment and one that is particularly remote with poor mobile phone coverage. It is recommended that all hirers have a paper map of the immediate area in which they intend to ride and can locate themselves, have a first aid kit, are aware of how to contact mountain rescue and have a clear planned route in advance of setting off, particularly when venturing beyond the areas immediately surrounding Kielder Water & Kielder Village. 

Kielder Forest is an active working Forest Site. Heavy plant machinery and large articulated vehicles can move quickly through the forest and forest roads. It is the hirer’s responsibility to obey all forestry signage and to not trespass on closed areas of the forest. Closure notices can be found online:

12.    Adverse Weather Warnings

Bike Hire Kielder will not cancel bookings due to weather except for bookings during the duration of a Met Office red weather warning for the specific area immediately surrounding Kielder Waterside Park. These bookings will be automatically rolled to the day following a lifted red weather warning. Weather at Kielder Water is changeable and localised. It is the responsibility of the hirer to prepare for all conditions. 

13.    Limitations

Bike Hire Kielder will have no liability to you if we are unable to fulfil a booking due to an event of Force Majeure. In the event of Bike Hire Kielder being unable to fulfil your booking Bike Hire Kielder will bear no liability beyond the agreed cost of your booking. 

14.    Hirer Agreement

By completing the online booking for you are agreeing and in acceptance of the above terms and conditions.  

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